Beatitudes Part 1 – Pastor Julie – 9/11/16

Come Home to Unity – Pastor Julie – 9/4/16

Kundalini Rising – Pastor Julie – 8/28/16

Immersed in Spirit – Pastor Julie – 8/21/16

Controlling Your In-Take Valve – Pastor Julie – 8/14/16

ABRACADABRA: I Create as I Speak – Pastor Julie – 8/7/16

Who Am I to Judge – Rev. Suzan Williams – 7/31/16

The Prospering Power of Generosity – Pastor Julie – 7/24/16

The Prospering Power of Acceptance and Gratitude – Pastor Julie – 7/17/16

The Fertile Ground of Being in Transition –
Judy Espiau – 7/10/16

Free To Be Me – Pastor Julie Johnson – 7/3/16

Brian’s Final Teaching – Pastor Brian Walker – 6/22/16

Spiritual Citizenship – Pastor Rev. Kristin Powell- 6/19/16

Vision: Recognize the Sacred in All Things –
Pastor Brian Walker – 6/12/16

Wisdom: Cultivate Spiritual Intelligence –
Pastor Brian Walker – 6/5/16


Christ is Risen

You Are Stronger Than Your Fears

The 2nd Week of Lent: Imagination

The Lenten Season “40 Days of Releasing and Letting Go”

Fourth Part “Four Agreements”

Third Part “Four Agreements”

Power of Love

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Energizing Your Now


New Year’s

Christmas Sunday

Sunday of Joy

Sunday of Love

Sunday of Peace

Sunday of Hope

The Feast of Life

3 Phases of Mind

David and Goliath


Esther Queen of Persia

Claim Your Power

Reconnecting Your Spirit

Beatitudes Part 2

Beatitudes Part 1

Come Home to Unity

Immersed in Spirit

In-Take Valve



<strong>Acceptance and Gratitude</strong>


<strong>Free To Be Me</strong>